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"Schwindt proved to be a brilliant interpreter, who seemed to merge with his intrument. Performing with much sympathitic understanding the pianist succeeded in presenting the whole beauty of his instrument."

Heider Anzeiger


"Schwindt let the completely romantic theme sound with a high amount of sympathy and compassion without sliding into a sentimental mood. It was modesty and inspiration that determined the middle part. And he coped with the masterly parts of the final with breathtaking ease. In his Grieg-concert the pianist devoted himself passionanately and most sensitively to the traditional Norwegian tunes and presented himself as a brilliant, melodious virtuoso.

Oberhessische Presse


"A new musical star has risen"

Neue Nassauische Presse


Standing ovations for Ingmar Schwindt - The young outstanding pianist for the second time in "Gartensaal"

"What Ingmar Schwindt evoked among the listeners can really be called ecstasy. Again the 28-year-old pianist from Kaufbeuren demonstrated that, at his young age, he is working on a level that few others reach..."

Schlitzer Bote


"Schwindt performed most convincingly, with exciting vitality, fearing neither exaltations nor sudden falls; yet it was always evident that he had studied the music extremely carefully and that he followed Beethoven's intructions with the utmost precision..."

Balinger Zeitung


"... a poet at the piano"

Allgäuer Zeitung