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  Beethoven cycle, November 2008 until March 2009 at Theater in Kempten 



Getting to know a man of genius

Kempten theatre. With a new series of concerts the pianist Ingmar Schwindt wants to make the audience familiar with Beethoven - first part on November 6th, 2008



"Beethoven is an enormously versatile personality", says Ingmar Schwindt. On the occasion of his concert cycle "Beethoven@night" in Kempten's theatre TiK the 31-year-old concert pianist Ingmar Schwindt would like to give the listeners an understanding of the great classical composer. "Playing the pieces won't be the only thing  I'll do. I am also going to give introductions and explanations to the works", says Schwindt.

"For me, as a concert pianist, Beethoven is a major composer with many fascinationg characteristics," says Schwindt. He adds that Beethoven's biography is extraordinarily exciting. "And Beethoven is a musical anarchist, who broke with traditional forms and who reshaped things in a way that couldn't be excelled".

Schwindt thinks that  Beethoven's sonatas contain the key to understanding the artist's development. That's why they are the centerpiece of his cycle, which is partly financed by Bavarian government funds. "For most people Beethoven suggests words like wild, sullen or morose, however  he could be very humerous" - another thing which Schwindt is going to demonstrate in his series of concerts.


It is the dialectics of this man of genius (who, according to Schwindt, was  extremely sensitive and rebellious,but also sad and lonely) that the pianist wants to present in his five concerts.






   Historical Instruments



On several occasions the all-round pianist has attracted attention with performances on a historical pianoforte.
"The warm and tender and at the same time silvery-transparent sound of the historical pianoforte together with its peculiarity that, with a subtle touch, the most delicate nuances and shades can be evoked is fascinating for me as a pianist and always a special experience for the audience."

In the musuem for musical intruments GRASSI in Leipzig Schwindt assisted in a concert in memory of Robert Schumann ("Rekonstruktion eines Gedenkkonzertes für Robert Schumann"), which was organized on the occasion of Schumann's 15Oth day of death by the Museum of musical intruments and the associations "Förderverein des Universitätsmusikchores Leipzig" and "Robert-und-Clara-Schumann-Verein Leipzig".

In Wörlitz castle, in 2007, he accompanied the sopranist Viktorija Kaminskaite on the pianoforte "Lautterer" built for Duke Leopold Friedrich von Anhalt-Dessau.


audio sample

Another highlight was the performance of the double concert for piano and violin by Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy with the violinist Thomas Fleck and the orchestra "Chursächsische Philharmonie" conducted by David Timm in Leipzig's church "Reformierte Kirche"

Having been known as a chamber concert only, this double concert could for the first time been heard on historical intruments and with a large orchestra.

On this occasion the MDR (German radio station) produced a CD for the foundation "Internationale Mendelssohnstiftung"





   Charity concert of Ingmar Schwindts' piano class  for the benefit of
humedica international


Meisterschüler der Klavierklasse
Ingmar Schwindt
am 25. Juli 2008
19:00 Uhr
in der Aula des Jakob-Brucker-Gymnasiums

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    J. S. Bach   Partita No. 2 c.Moll
                         Sinfonia - Allemande - Sarabande - Rondeaux - Capriccio
Bojana Simic

    J. Brahms  Fantasien Op. 116
                        Capriccio d-Moll - Intermezzo a-Moll - Capriccio g-Moll
                        Intermezzo E-Dur - Intermezzo e-Moll - Intermezzo E-Dur
                        Capriccio d-Moll
                                                       Benedikt Strauß

    D. Schostakowitsch
                        Klaviertrio No.1 c-Moll Op. 8
                                                       Dorothea Späth, Violine
                                                                         Stephan Buchmiller, Violoncello
                                                                         Lisa Buchmiller, Klavier



    L. v. Beethoven  Sonate c-Moll Op. 10. 1
                                Allegro molto e con brio - Adagio molto -




    R. Schumann   Sinfonische Etüden Op. 13

                                                                       Julia Rinderle